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These resources have been developed in conjunction with the SRAS independent scientific advisors. The information reflects scientific studies and the balance of evidence in the area. They provide a local context to global discussions on sugars and nutrition. This information is for nutrition education purposes.

In all cases of specific medical complaints and conditions please seek the advice of a trained health professional.

Sugar in the diet of sports people

The latest recommendations from peak sports and nutrition organisations on the role of food and drinks containing sugar during sports.

Sugar and dental health

The latest evidence and recommendations on sugar intake and dental health. Does the frequency or amount of sugar eaten matter more?

Sugar and diabetes

Historically diabetes was thought to be caused by sugar, however we now know sugar intake is not directly linked to increased risk of diabetes. Read the latest dietary guidelines for people with diabetes.

Sugar - obesity, intakes and recommendations

A summary of the scientific evidence on intake of sugars, the relationship between sugars and obesity and current advice on how much we should be consuming.




Latest resources, fact sheets and scientific studies.


Sugar and health

View and download articles, reports and fact sheets containing current findings about the role of sugar in our diets.


Frequently asked questions

Explore the most common questions asked about sugar, and read up on some of the prevailing misconceptions.