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Effect of sensory exposure on liking for fat- or sugar-reduced biscuits

01 / 03 / 16

Biguzzi C, Lange C, Schlich P. Effect of sensory exposure on liking for fat- or sugar-reduced biscuits. Appetite. 2015 Dec;95:317-23

This research examined whether liking of reduced fat and reduced sugar biscuits could be increased over 4 weeks by repeating exposure.

One group of subjects were given reduced fat biscuits (n=113) and the other reduced sugar biscuits (n=106) and asked to rate their liking of each of 4 reduced variants and one full sugar/fat variant in weekly taste testing. Each group was further divided into three groups: a control receiving the standard biscuit; a ‘direct’ group receiving the most reduced biscuit (28% lower sugar/33% lower fat; and a ‘stepwise’ group who received biscuits with a decreasing in fat/sugar content each week (reduced fat 9%, 15%, 26%; reduced sugar 9%, 16%, 22%).

No evolution of liking was found after stepwise exposure. After direct exposure there was a significant increase in liking for the most reduced fat biscuits but not for the most reduced sugar biscuits. Only the 9% and 16% reduced variants achieved an increase in liking.

The authors commented that there were textural differences in the reduced sugar variants that may have affected liking, and the kilojoule/calorie content of the reduced sugar biscuits were higher than the regular variant rendering the product of questionable public health value.