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Sugar intake from sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) among cancer and non-cancer individuals: the NHANES study.

14 / 11 / 16

This analysis of 22,182 adults in a US cohort study aimed to evaluate the impact of cancer status and other risk factors on sugar intake from SSBs. They measured high sugar intake (>80g) of sugar from SSB as their primary outcome (approximately 2 x 375ml cans soft drink daily). Cancer survivors consumed less sugars from SSBs compared to non-cancer individuals, however this difference was primarily due to younger age. High consumers of sugar from SSBs were younger, male, Black, had lower education and lower income, were obese and current smokers. The authors suggest intervention to reduce sugar consumption from SSBs should be conducted in lower socioeconomic status males, both cancer survivors and non-cancer individuals.

Tseng TS, Lin HY, Griffiths L, Cornwell K, Sothern M. Sugar intake from sugar-sweetened beverage among cancer and non-cancer individuals: the NHANES study. Translational Cancer Research, 2016