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Is fructose an ergogenic aid?

09 / 05 / 17

Endurance performance and endurance capacity are largely dictated by endogenous carbohydrate availability. As such, improving carbohydrate availability during prolonged exercise through carbohydrate ingestion has dominated the field of sports nutrition research.

This study assessed the impact of fructose co-ingestion, either as pure fructose or as part of sucrose, on exogenous carbohydrate oxidation rates during prolonged exercise in 10 trained male cyclists. During four 180 minute challenges under three different carbohydrate conditions and a water control, peak carbohydrate oxidation rates did not differ between glucose + fructose and glucose +sucrose, but both were 46% higher when compared to glucose alone. The authors conclude that fructose (0.6g/min) co-ingested with glucose (1.2g/min) provided as pure fructose or sucrose increases exogenous carbohydrate oxidation rates in trained cyclists.

Trommelen J, Fuchs CJ, Beelen M. Fructose and sucrose intake increase exogenous carbohydrate oxidation during exercise. Nutrients 2017 Feb 20;9(2)