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CSIRO diet score for Australia: could do better

14 / 11 / 16

In May 2015, The CSIRO launched an online survey available to all Australians based on a validated tool that assessed an individual’s self-reported food intake against the Australian Dietary Guidelines and gave them a score out of 100, as well as how to improve. A sample of 86,611 adults (73% female) completed the survey. The average score was 57/100, with an average of 3 serves of discretionary food daily a downfall. The best component score was 49% of respondents who ate the recommended amount of fruit, and the worst score was 99% of people who consumed discretionary foods of low nutritional value. In terms of at-risk groups, men score lower than women; younger people 31-50 score 4 points less than those aged 50+; obese men have the lowest score of 52/100. The authors suggest raising our diet score to 70/100 could mitigate against growing rates of obesity and lifestyle diseases, and this could be achieved by halving discretionary foods and doubling vegetables.

Hendrie G, Baird D, Golley S, Noakes M (2016) CSIRO Healthy Diet Score 2016.