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Defining ‘Unhealthy’: a systematic analysis of alignment between the Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADGs) and the Health Star Rating (HSR) system

20 / 07 / 18

Can we rely on the HSR to point us towards ‘core’ foods?..


Melbourne hospital convenience store uses price increase to reduce purchases of sugary drinks

20 / 07 / 18

Is price an effective tool for improving beverage choices?..


The direct and indirect effect associations of usual free sugar intake on BMI z-scores of Australian children and adolescents

18 / 06 / 18

A lot of public rhetoric focusses on sugar as the cause of obesity. This Australian study suggests not, and the story is…..


Non-nutritive sweeteners in packaged food

14 / 05 / 18

While it seems like non-nutritive sweeteners are everywhere, this study says Australia and New Zealand we have less NNS …..


Australia’s Health Star Rating policy process: Lessons for global policy making in front-of-pack nutrition labelling

15 / 03 / 18

It took leadership and collaboration to make the HSR happen, and there was plenty of politicking too...


What would happen if ‘added sugars’ were used in calculation of the Health Star Rating?

19 / 02 / 18

Total sugars are currently used in the HSR algorithm, despite the fact these include natural intrinsic sugars in dairy, …..


Sugar intake from sweet food and beverages, common mental disorder and depression

14 / 11 / 17

Do too many sweet foods and drinks influence mental health?..


Perception vs actual intakes of junk food and sugar-sweetened beverages

14 / 11 / 17

In young Australian adults it seems when health aspects of food are out of mind, intake of unhealthy foods is likely. ..


The relationships between food-related parenting practices and child food preferences

12 / 09 / 17

Restricting high fat/sugar foods may not be helpful in creating healthy food preferences in children...


High intake of non-milk extrinsic sugars associated with low protein and micronutrient intake among older people

11 / 07 / 17

In older people, high consumption of added sugars is a marker of poor diet overall and institutionalisation...


Low carbohydrate, high fat diet impairs exercise economy.

13 / 06 / 17

Research led by Professor Louise Burke from the AIS has shown the low carb diet comes at a performance cost...


Is fructose an ergogenic aid?

09 / 05 / 17

Fructose and sucrose intake increase exogenous carbohydrate oxidation during exercise...


Socio-demographic determinants of diet quality in Australian adults

11 / 04 / 17

Which groups in Australia have the poorest diet quality?..


Low sugar nutrition policies and dental caries

07 / 03 / 17

A study of primary schools in South Auckland, New Zealand..


The scientific basis of guideline recommendations on sugar intake

07 / 02 / 17

We put a lot of faith in Dietary Guidelines but how do they rate against the evidence when it comes to sugar?..


CSIRO diet score for Australia: could do better

14 / 11 / 16

CSIRO’s online survey of our eating habits was a fun way to rate our eating habits, but the results show we’re having a …..


Child oral health in migrant families: a cross-sectional study

11 / 10 / 16

This cross sectional analysis of caries data from a sample of 630 1-4 year old children of migrant families from Iraq, L…..


Nutritional ecology and human health

06 / 09 / 16

The ‘nutritional geometry’ approach moves beyond blaming single nutrients such as fat, carbohydrate or sugar for obesity…..


Sweetening yoghurt with glucose, but not with saccharin promotes weight gain and increased fat pad mass in rats

08 / 08 / 16

Comparing weight gain in rats fed yoghurt with added glucose, saccharin or nothing...


Nutritional adequacy according to carbohydrates and fat quality

02 / 06 / 16

Investigations into associations between carbohydrate and fat quality and nutrition adequacy in the elderly...


The influence of Sugar Sweetened Beverage health warning labels on parent's choices

11 / 04 / 16

Do warning labels on sugar sweetened beverages affect parents’ choice of beverage for their child?..


Effect of flavored milk vs plain milk on total milk intake and nutrient provision in children.

10 / 04 / 16

A review of flavored milk vs plain milk consumption in children..


Sugar and brain development

19 / 02 / 16

Examination of the combined impact of early life stress and chronic sucrose availability on brain structure, function an…..


The inverse relationship between food price and energy density: Is it spurious?

17 / 02 / 15

Davies & Carlson investigated the relationship between food price and energy density...


Physical activity and all-cause mortality across levels of overall and abdominal adiposity in European men and women: The European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition study (EPIC)

30 / 01 / 15

Investigated whether overall and abdominal adiposity modified the association between physical activity and all-cause mo…..


Policy statement: Snacks, sweetened beverages, added sugars and American schools

14 / 04 / 15

The Council on School Health provides an update on progress since the policy statement 'Soft drinks in Schools' in 2004...