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Effects of added sucrose on obese women

11 / 09 / 14

Effects on obese women of the sugar sucrose added to the diet over 28d: a quasi-randomised, single-blind, controlled trial

Reid et al, investigated whether obese women can compensate for sucrose added to the diet when it is given blind.

In this parallel, single-blind trial, 41 obese women were assigned to consume 1 L (4 x 250 ml) of either sucrose- (n=20) or aspartame-sweetened drinks/d (n=21) for 4 weeks.  All women were informed the drinks were sweetened with sucrose.

They found the energy provided by sucrose from drinks was partially compensated for by obese women because they gained significantly less weight than predicted.  This response was not fundamentally different from that of normal-weight or overweight women observed in earlier studies.