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Fruit juice and change in BMI: a meta-analysis

13 / 06 / 17

This investigation aimed to determine whether 100% fruit juice consumption is associated with BMI or BMI Z-score in children. The researchers found 8 prospective cohort studies (n=34,470) meeting their criteria. Controlled for energy intake, 1 daily 6-8oz serving (180-240ml) was associated with a 0.003 unit increase in BMI z-score over 1 year in children of all ages (0% increases in BMI percentile). In children aged 1-6 years, 1 serving increment was associated with a 0.0876 unit increase in BMI z-score (4% increase in BMI percentile), but there was no association in children 7-18 years. The authors concluded consumption of 100% fruit juice is associated with a small amount of weight gain in children 1-6 years that is not clinically significant and not associated with weight gain in children 7-18 years.

Auerbach BJ, Wolf FM, Hikida A et al. Fruit juice and change in BMI: a meta-analysis. Pediatrics 2017;139(4)