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Research Updates | Cardiovascular disease

Habitual intake of fruit juice predicts central blood pressure (BP)

21 / 12 / 14

Pase et al explored the association between fruit juice consumption and central blood pressure in 160 community dwelling 50-70 year old volunteers.

The cross sectional association between fruit juice consumption (categorised as rare, occasional and daily) and central blood pressure was measured by a food frequency questionnaire accounting for food and beverages consumed over the past 12 months and brachial and central (aortic) BP respectively.

They found that central systolic BP and augmentation pressure was associated with consumption of fruit juice drinks daily vs. rare or occasional and brachial BP was not. The estimated marginal mean showed that those who consumed fruit juice on a daily basis had a central systolic BP that is 3mmHg and 4mmHg higher than those who consumed fruit juice rarely or occasionally respectively.

Limitations: Causation cannot be inferred from this study due to the small non-representative study population and the observational study design. Additionally total energy intake and quantity of sugar in beverages was not considered.