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Dietary patterns and the risk of major adverse coronary events in patients with coronary heart disease

29 / 06 / 16

Stewart RA, Wallentin L, Benatar J, Danchin N et al. Dietary patterns and the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events in a global study of high-risk patients with stable coronary heart disease. Eur Heart J. 2016 Apr 24

This study of more than fifteen thousand people with stable coronary heart disease in 39 countries examined associations between self-reported food frequency diet questionnaire data and major adverse cardiovascular events over three years. Diets were scored using a Mediterranean Diet Score (MDS) in which points were given for higher frequency of wholegrains, vegetables, legumes, fruits and fish, and lower consumption of meat; and a Western Diet Score (WDS) in which points were assigned for higher consumption of refined grains, sweets and desserts, sugared drinks and deep fried foods. They found no association between WDC and major adverse CVD events but there was an association between high MDS and lower risk of major adverse CDV events that was consistent across geographic regions, country income levels, subject education, age and smoking status. The authors concluded that dietary guidelines for secondary prevention of CHD should focus more on encouraging greater consumption of healthy foods.