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Research Updates | Cardiovascular disease

Dietary intake and cardiometabolic risk factors in children.

11 / 04 / 17

Researchers tested the hypothesis that dietary intake would prospectively influence cardiometabolic (CM) risk factors by analysing observations of 448 Canadian students aged 10-17 years over a 2 year period. They examined BMI, waist circumference (WC), systolic BP (SBP), diastolic BP (DBP) and insulin sensitivity score. Using mixed effect regression adjusted for age, sex and physical activity, they found the following associations between baseline and follow-up:

  • Higher dietary fat and increased SBP and DBP
  • Higher dietary sodium and increased DBP Z-score

There were no significant associations between sugar intake, vegetables and fruit, or fibre, and CM risk factors. The authors conclude that reducing fat and sodium intake in children and youth may help prevent weight gain and hypertension later in life.

Reference: Setayeshgar S, Ekwaru JP, Maximova K et al. Dietary changes of prospective changes in cardiometabolic risk factors in UK children & youth. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab 2017; 42 (1):39-45