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What is the health star rating?

20 / 08 / 15

An overview of the new government front-of-pack labelling system, simplifying complicated nutrition information...

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Sugar and Triglycerides

28 / 01 / 15

Until recently, sugar intake has been considered to have little effect on the risk for cardiovascular disease. However, …..

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Pass the bread?

15 / 01 / 15

Low-carb diets are yet to show they are any better long term for weight loss, so why pass on the bread?..

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The artificial distinction between sugars and starch

11 / 09 / 14

Carbohydrates became the default nutrient to eat when we were told not to eat fat. Is it that simple?..

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Sports Drinks: Is the Sugar Needed?

11 / 09 / 14

Outline of when are sports drinks may be necessary or whether newer sugar free options are as good. ..

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Glycaemic Index and Exercise

23 / 08 / 13

Carbohydrates are top priority for athletes. Learn how intake is managed before, during and after exercise...

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Sugar Controversy

19 / 02 / 13

Sugar has become a controversial nutrition topic, explore the latest myths and facts on sugar..

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