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The problems with paleo

27 / 06 / 16

Interview with Adjunct Professor Neil Mann about how the paleo diet stacks up scientifically...

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New nutrition buzz-words: orthorexia and HAES

06 / 06 / 16

Interview with APD Susan Williams on the latest term of 'orthorexia' and rising trend of Health at Every Size (HAES)..

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What to do about triglycerides

02 / 05 / 16

Are high triglycerides as bad as high cholesterol and what role do carbohydrates play? ..

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How much added sugar is in that? A proposed method for calculating added sugars in foods

07 / 04 / 16

A new method has been developed by researchers at Sydney Uni and has now been applied to the health survey data..

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Our taste for sweet

10 / 04 / 16

Are we hard wired to prefer sweet foods and drinks? Discover the answers in an interview with Professor Russel Keast..

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Food and dental health

29 / 02 / 16

Overview of the joint position statement on oral health and nutrition..

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Sugar and cardio-metabolic health

25 / 01 / 16

Interview with Professor Luc Tappy, University of Lausanne Switzerland on the effects of sugar and fructose on cardio-me…..

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Trending sweeteners

27 / 01 / 16

A look at the bewildering array of sweeteners from which to choose..

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Can you be addicted to sugar?

11 / 05 / 15

Entire books and websites are devoted to sugar addiction, but can you be addicted to sugar?..

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Can't you just take the sugar out?

13 / 04 / 15

There is a lot of criticism about added sugars in packaged foods, so why are they there?..

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