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National Health Survey: first results 2017-18

The latest Australian National Health Survey results provide a feast of information on general health, health conditions and risk factors. Here is a summary of results pertaining to food and nutrition.

Overweight & Obesity

Sixty seven percent of adults and 24.9% of children were overweight or obese

Blood pressure

Just over one in five adults had measured high blood pressure (>140/90mmHg)


  • One in six adults consumed more than the recommended two standard drinks per day on average
  • 42% of adults consumed more than four standard drinks on a single occasion at least once in the past year (exceeding NH&MRC risk guidelines)

Fruit & vegetables

  • Half of adults met the recommended daily guidelines for fruit (2 or more serves)
  • 7.5% met recommended daily serves of vegetables
  • Only 5.4% met both fruit and vegetable guidelines

Sweet drinks

  • 48% of adults consumed a sugar sweetened or diet drink at least once per week, and the highest rate was 44.9% in Tasmania versus the lowest rate of 36% in the ACT
  • Highest consumers of sugar sweetened drinks were adults on the Northern Territory (11.9% consuming daily) and the lowest were in the ACT (6.7% consuming daily)
  • Men were more likely to consume sugar sweetened drinks than women
  • 44.8% of children usually consume sugar sweetened or diet drinks at least once per week

Physical activity

55.4% of adults 18-64 years old met one of the physical activity guidelines by undertaking 150 minutes or more of exercise in the last week. The highest proportion being in the ACT (62.6%) and the lowest in Queensland (51.2%) and South Australia (51.5%)

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