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The Sugar Research Advisory Service (SRAS) aims to provide an evidence-based view on the role of carbohydrates, and particularly sugar, in nutrition and health.

The SRAS provides the latest scientific research and evidence based resources for health care professionals.

Information provided on this site is developed and reviewed by experts in nutrition, food technology and health.

The SRAS is funded through the Australian Sugar Industry Alliance (ASA) and New Zealand Sugar.

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All carbohydrates will be converted to glucose, which is the body's most efficient source of energy for organs and muscles.



Non-nutritive sweeteners in packaged food

While it seems like non-nutritive sweeteners are everywhere, this study says Australia and New Zealand we have less NNS in packaged foods than Mexico and the USA. But do we really know? 

The portion size effect and over consumption - toward downsizing solutions for children and adolescents

While it may be too late for many adults, children and teens could be taught to eat smaller portions for better population weight status.

SNiPs in taste receptor genes are associated with snacking patterns in preschool-aged children

In the nutrition world it’s an age-old argument of genes versus environment; this study scores another point for genetic factors. 


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