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The Sugar Research Advisory Service (SRAS) aims to provide an evidence-based view on the role of carbohydrates, and particularly sugar, in nutrition and health.

The SRAS provides the latest scientific research and evidence based resources for health care professionals.

Information provided on this site is developed and reviewed by experts in nutrition, food technology and health.

The SRAS is funded through the Australian Sugar Industry Alliance (ASA) and New Zealand Sugar.

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All carbohydrates will be converted to glucose, which is the body's most efficient source of energy for organs and muscles.



Sugar and type 2 diabetes

How many times have you heard people say eating sugar causes diabetes? This review will help you respond accurately.
07 / 02 / 17


Water and beverage consumption: analysis of the Australian 2011-12 NNPAS

We all know drinking water is healthy, but is it associated with a better diet?
07 / 02 / 17


The scientific basis of guideline recommendations on sugar intake

We put a lot of faith in Dietary Guidelines but how do they rate against the evidence when it comes to sugar?
07 / 02 / 17


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